For the less than the cost of a single floor plan, you can have access to 30 plans that will sell for more, and cost less to build. Our product is the catalyst for efficient, in-demand, livable homes.

Each SSW floor plan begins with an original idea that becomes scaled hand drawings. This approach produces floor plans with a truly artistic custom fit, producing homes that sell at a more profitable price per square foot.

Floor plans are available for:

Single family homes
Town homes
Cluster homes
Courtyard homes

Builders can choose from front and rear access garages and plans for both attached and detached housing. The design system allows builders to make minor adjustments to create an entirely new floor plan to meet customer demand.

Collection 2015 Samples

SSW’s true value is in the modifiable, well-proportioned, efficient floor plan. For a minimal charge builders can download additional CAD files and make simple changes to meet unique demands; at a fraction of the cost to create new plans from scratch. What is at first seen as a gallery of 30 plans quickly becomes exponentially larger considering individuals’ modifications.

SSW commits itself to designing spaces that are pleasing for the client and profitable to construct. We take pride in creating a product for you, the member, who can use our design efficiency, our dimensions and our visual dynamics to your advantage.

Collection Collection 2015 Specifications 

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Plan Number Overall plan dimensions Approximate square footage Main Level
20′ to 29′ Building Width
15-1022′ x 72′1072
15-224′ x 74′1025
15-3028′ x 60′1008
15-1128′ x 62′896
15-328′ x 66′1004
30′ to 39′ Building Width
15-3530′ x 60′1084
15-3330′ x 62′994
15-3736′ x 68′1194
15-2838′ x 66′1560
15-2738′ x 67′1746
15-2939′ x 68′1663
40′ x 49′ Building Width
15-840′ x 64′1472
15-1940′ x 74′1627
15-3642′ x 54′1176
15-942′ x 56′1728
15-1742′ x 67′1660
15-144′ x 57′1612
15-744′ x 68′1728
15-5346′ x 39′1044
15-4048′ x 48′1309
15-448′ x 55′1712
15-1848′ x 62′1438
15-649′ x 64′1538
15-1540′ x 54′1586
50′ to 60′ Building Width
15-5552′ x 47′1616
15-5452′ x 53′1880
15-1252′ x 58′1704
15-555′ x 48′1151
15-3159′ x 66′1415
15-3460′ x 64′1856