Product List

With SSW membership you have unlimited access a growing repertoire of custom designed, easy to download, print and save floor plan digital files. Builders have no limits to the number of downloads and can use SSW floor plans in any capacity. Each floor plan will be available as:

  • Presentation Format (PDF)
  • Dimension Format (PDF)
  • Reverse Presentation (PDF)
  • Reverse Dimension (PDF)
  • CAD (DWG)
  • CAD Reverse (DWG)

All PDF files are unlimited access included in your annual subscription for $299. Membership includes 2 CAD downloads per annual term. Additional CAD files will be available at a per-download cost of $99 each.

General Membership Terms

  • Unlimited access to all PDF file type plans
  • Ability to perform custom modification of any SSW CAD product by means of personal CADs programs
  • SSW commits to maintaining privacy and will not share your membership information with outside groups